Why is the Mars colonization important for humankind?

3 min readOct 5, 2021


“Curiosity is the essence of our existence.”

– Gene Cernan.

Has this ever crossed your mind? Moving out of planet Earth and starting a new life in Mars, staring up at the sky and knowing that one of these stars is indeed a planet you were born on.

Well, research shows this could be a possible alternative to Earth which one day was only considered as a joke.

Mars can be compared to Earth more than any other planet, and studies show the amount of trips being made to Mars is increasing and could benefit from huge developments in solar energy, food production, medical technology, recycling and resource economic interest.

Its natural beauty includes a Grand Canyon measuring the whole width of the U.S and therefore considered an attractive alternative for humanity.

The next century will see the human race occupying the solar system more and more. Many obstacles however will be faced along the way such as obtaining water, maximising oxygen levels, power generation and supplying food.

If resources are to be transported from Earth or Space, temporary facility can be genuinely proven on Mars.

Humanity colonizing Mars will face the most challenging journey of all time. This will be the peak of human achievement and true to say colonization is possible with the technology we now have access to.

Elon Musk, Tesla CEO, has sheltered ideas of colonizing Mars along with an action plan. Mentioning that population collapse is a bigger problem than people realise and that’s just for Earth, and that there is a need for people on Mars.

“Population collapse could be upon us, but we appreciate that you good sir are still making tangible efforts to stave it off,”. Musk had tweeted in his response that he is trying to set a good point.

Responding to them, Musk tweeted the following

Musk is known for his very frequent Tweets and has everyone talking in relation to his debatable opinions. The billionaire even mentioned that dinosaurs ‘would still be around’, only if during the asteroid strike they had spaceships. This sounds very ironic to many, however, Musks real goals were not too far from the suggestion as to put it in a spaceship.

While this may sound sarcastic, Musk’s real goals are not too far from the suggestion, ‘Put it in a spaceship.’

Elon Musk’s attraction for planet Mars is well recognized. SpaceX and Tesla CEO has given a lot of time and effort in exploring Mars and the capabilities of if it is habitable. Another one of his frequent tweets included “Make life multiplanetary’ #Mars.” This is one of his multiple tweets of making life multiplanetary. The billionaire also tweeted back in 2016 his idea to shape a group of Martians.

MarsX will become an approved token used for space transportations.

MarsX will make it possible for investors to buy spaceship tickets at a price discounted and connections made easier. Here is your chance to become one of the first humans to make a step out of the shell and leave your mark on Mars.